Tasting Menu *


€ 39 **

Tidbits Real Trilogy
  Portuguese game sausage croquette with quail egg and sautéed turnip tops
  Grilled vegetables "Torricado" with Azores cheese shavings
  Slighted grilled sardine on a corn bread toast and roasted sweet peppers
Fresh cod sautéed in virgin olive oil with typical Portuguese sweet pepper sauce and small salt roasted potatoes
Crispy roasted suckling pig with "Serra da Estrela" gratin cheese
Dessert tasting
Carob crème brûlée, Orange pie, Fried rice pudding


* Not included in the Half Board supplement
** Per person - minimum 2 persons


Traditional bread, olives, lupines and goat butter (per person) € 2
Buttery sheep cheese € 6
Iberian pork smoked ham € 7


Roasted vegetables soup € 4
Range chicken broth with fresh peppermint € 6
Mango cold soup with sauteed shrimp € 7
Blue lobster cream with crab and coriander € 12


* Not included in the Half Board supplement


Goat cheese flan with rhubarb jam and caramelized walnut € 12
Ham, melon and mint with Port Wine marmelade € 12
Fresh fish with red potato chips € 13
Clams simmered in white wine, coriander and garlic with toasts € 14
Slightly toasted scallops with marinated mackerel and avocado puree * € 16


* Not included in the Half Board supplement


Octopus confit and fried cuttlefish with baked potato, cabbage and peppers sauce € 22
Grilled fish of the day with seasonal vegetables and roasted potatoes € 24
Roasted cod with smoked paprika, "Anna" potatoes and olive textures € 24
Slightly toasted dory with creamy portuguese lime rice and grilled vegetables € 24
Fish and shellfish Cataplana of the Atlantic * € 29
Grilled tiger shrimp with sea ravioli * € 32


* Not included in the Half Board supplement


Chicken stuffed with apricot and dried figs, potatoes au gratin and vegetables fricassée € 19
Iberian pork tenderloin braised with bacon and shellfish corn flower mash € 22
Duck breast with foie gras, sweet potato mash and sautéed mushrooms € 23
Rack of lamb with beetroot couscous, peanut crumble and cucumber pickles € 24
Veal scalops with crunchy potato and roasted vegetables * € 26


* Not included in the Half Board supplement


Creamy rice pudding € 5
Chocolate mousse € 5
Crispy vanilla pastry cakes with marinated pineapple on pennyroyal € 7
Courgette and carrot cake, banana caramel, pistachio mousse, sesame seeds and cocoa crumble € 7
Strawberry parfait, mint and white chocolate cream, apple sticks with anise sablé € 7
Passion fruit pudding, crispy merengue, coconut chantilly and fresh mango bits € 8
Dessert tasting € 9


Sandwiches and Rustic Bread Toast

Tomato and mozarela bruschetta € 10
Chicken and curry vegetables wrap € 12
Club "Real" € 14
Villa Itália special burguer € 14
Portuguese steak sandwich € 16
Grilled Chicken toast with zucchini and olive € 9
Smoked salmon toast, sundried tomato cucumber and pesto € 9
Smoked ham and "taleggio" cheese toast, tomato and rocket € 9


* All sandwiches and toasts are served with French fries.


Grilled vegetables salad with pesto € 10
Goat cheese salad with nuts, rocket salad and cherry tomato € 12
Chicken Caesar salad € 12
Smoked salmon salad with chives and dried fruits € 14
Niçoise salad € 14


Beef carpaccio with pesto sauce, rocket salad and parmesan cheese € 10
Salmon ceviche with citric flavours and passion fruit € 12
Veal steak tartare with Fry & Dip potato € 14


Gelados do Bairro - Our homemade ice cream

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